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Say Goodbye To lash Horror Stories

Lash Extension price list found on home page & self in booking system. 



* GEL REMOVALS & LASH LIFT REVERSALS : After a gel lash removal or lash lift reversal you will need to wait at least 48 hours before a NEW SET can be applied. Our artist can explain the 'reason why' to you at your removal or reversal session. 

*AVOID EYE MAKEUP for at least 48 hours prior to your session. Our lash extension glue cannot bond to oils much like water & oil doesn't mix. PLEASE NOTE This also includes 'foundation' as waxy foundations can trap itself onto your natural lashes & lessen your lash retention. We also ask you not to wear any eye makeup so that we can get started on your lashes immediately. 

*AVOID makeup wipes, eye serums & eye creams from touching the area around your extensions especially before bed. 

*Contact lenses- Please remove contact lenses before we start to lash or prior to your appointment. If you happen to have them on, this is no drama as our lash method ensures there is not scratching or heaviness on your eyelid. You may however get red eyes as contacts should not be worn whilst sleeping and you may have a lash nap. 

*Sore, Sensitive Or red Eyes- Please wait until your eyes are clear from allergies or any other eye condition before your next appointment, the health of your eyes is most important. 


Q & A-  

What Type Of Glue Do We Use?

We only use Medical Grade adhesive formulated in a lab. We have more than one strength of the same brand of adhesive to cater for everyone's eyes. Keeping in mind that the safety of your eyes should never be taken lightly we advice against cheaper lashes as this only states cheaper products are used. Our 5 ml bottle of adhesive costs $100 - $260 (sensitive to strong) as supposed to the average 10ml $25 bottles. Quality is key to our success. 

Who Applies The Lashes?

Our trained and multi qualified Lash Technician/s:

MASTER LASH ARTIST ELIANA: With qualification and a passion for art, you can bet it, your lashes are going to reflect it.

Why Do We Charge More Than The Average Cost?

We base our prices on our knowledge, training, quality of products & the time spent with you, we never rush your sessions in order to get you out the door faster. Our products are vegan and latex free and we also offer toxin extractor in the salon to remove all fumes from entering your lungs

A full set of Lash Extensions for $70-$80 makes us cringe, that's not to say these salons cannot up their prices & make you believe you're getting quality. In fact some high end salons are still charging $200-$500 a set & leaving their customers with a very negative lash experience. The FACT is, a lot of places are buying unsafe products online, including adhesives which often have SUPER GLUE as a base ingredient.   

We always update our training and knowledge and buy high quality products. We offer you one of the largest lash ranges in Australia including the exclusive euro and pride ourselves in providing a world class Lash service, making sure all our clients leave happy.

PLEASE REMEMBER If you can smell the adhesive used, your eyes hurt, sting, swell or go very red, always chat to your artist about your concerns. If you believe the products used are not safe & your concerns are not taken seriously then we advise to seek another reputable lash salon. CHEAPER is NOT better & the health of your eyes and eyelashes are at risk.

Your Lashes Have Been Damaged Or You have Thin Lashes?

Has another salon damaged your Lashes? Worry no longer as we offer lash therapy. In the event that we feel your lashes cannot handle any extensions, we will then leave you on lash therapy for three to six weeks and get you to come back. Otherwise we can lash you even during therapy and you can watch your natural lashes grow and extensions sets get fuller and more beautiful. If your lashes are not healthy, we don't have a customer, therefore it is in ur best interest to keep your lashes heathy.

Please keep in mind pregnancy, diet, medication and how you treat your lashes plays a role in the health of your lashes however we do our absolute best to preserve every lash you own.

How Long Do The Lashes Last?

That's an excellent question and the answer is not simple. There are many things to consider, your natural lash cycle is the most obvious & then comes how you care for your lashes. With most lash applications you need to wait 24-48 hours before applying water, steam, humidity to your lashes. How you sleep, clean & maintain your lashes along with general lifestyle plays a role in how long they last. Clients going through hormonal changes, stress, illness or on particular medications are in the 5% of our clients who experience less retention than others. Also all hairdressers or hair dressing appointments need to be booked in after 48 hours from your extensions application. water, tears, makeup, steam, makeup removers can tamper with your extension bond. please see below for more info. 

HOW DO WE KNOW WHEN SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG WITH THE AFTERCARE? We use the same glue bottle for aprox 4 weeks. If our glue is in any way faulty, this would results in every clients having really bad retention, This has never happened. Extra lash loss is usually the result of some of the below. PLEASE SEE #LashFACTS Below. 

90% of our clients have amazing ongoing retention of at least 60% RETENTION at every infills. 

Roughly 10% off clients have either an over active oil glands, are on medications, hormonal or have extremely fast growing Lash cycle. These types of clients will always notice lesser retention, resulting in quicker fills. 

BOTH EYES SHED AT A DIFFERENT RATE - 'one eye is full & one eye almost all gone? - This can happen & is not from adhesive error as the same glue is used on both eyes. The eye that has shed more may have gotten wet, been exposed to heat, had an extra lash shed or oil/ protein may have been present on your natural lash during your session. Please always come with clean lashes to avoid these issues. 


FACT: Coming to your lash session with makeup on lashes results in 100% extra lash loss 

FACT; Thyroid tablets & some other medications have proven to change the environment of your eye area making lashes either oilier, dryer and more brittle. Pregnancy & menopause can also change the lash environment. For pregnant ladies, lashes usually return to normal 3-4 months after giving birth. 

FACT- tears have now been studied, salt & oils live in your tears. Crying or watery eyes will always result in less retention, the Lashes will literally slide off. We hear beauties with excellent otherwise retention walk in and say ' I cried & a lot came out' 

FACT- The drier your lashes, skin, hair, the better your retention. We however need to not over dry your lashes.

 FACT- Oil based eyeliners or mascara works at debonding your glue, even when worn on bottom eyelid only. Use lash extensions safe products. 

 FACT- water is not the enemy, get in and clean those lashes. 

 FACT- Oily Lashes has shown and proven to deboned adhesive faster than makeup oils. Even if you don't wear makeup, you still need to cleanse. 

 FACT- There are season where your lashes shed faster. Autumn and Summer shed are the main two shedding seasons. 

 FACT- Serums, face creams, most makeup wipes, medications, growth serums, vitamins, weight loss, depression, sleep pattern, watery eyes, makeup, sweat, saunas, solarium, chlorine etc.... does tamper with the adhesive. 


SGA FACT- To Date Only (1) reported case (out of thousands) of an actual allergy to the adhesive. Allergies are not to be mistaken for sensitivity. A true allergy is much like a peanut allergy. If you have an allergy, it means you are allergic to ALL lash adhesives and must not wear extensions again. Allergies are not an irritation only, they're real & ONCE EXPOSED Can Harm Your Eyes. 

 99% Of SGA clients experience absolutely ZERO DISCOMFORT using our adhesive, no stinging, no burning, no smell or strong fumes.

Clients who are extremely sensitive & have previous eye and skin sensitivity may or may not feel a sight, few seconds sting during showers or when eyes get humid. 

Real facts by SGA - 



See HOME tab above for more lash & styling info using real images.

See HOME tab above for more lash & styling info using real images.

See HOME tab above for more lash & styling info using real images.



The Real Reason Why Your Lashes Need To Be Assessed Before We Infill Another Salons Work.

It is sad but true that over 50% + of lash techs in Australia are unqualified or take lashes up as a hobby only with many of them only taking a very basic course. Many clients are also unaware about the difference between pre made store bought lashes and handmade lashes.

Approx 20% of the time we will infill proper work however often clients are unaware & cannot see their extension attactchment or lash damage. Once we show them a photo and reeducate them on 'proper extensions' 99.9% of the time they never look back & themselves request a new set.

Our artist at SGA Is multi qualified in each technique we offer & is often called 'The Lash Scientist'. Yes its 100% true, extensions is all science based & this is probably news to you.

SGA was born after our artist and owner Eliana started wearing extensions back in 2005. Horrified & Annoyed at the lash loss, lash damage, lack on information the vision for SGA was born. The vission puts tremendous welcomed pressure on our artist to reverse what we as clients think is true about extensions.

Finally let me stress Australia has some of the best lash artists worldwide, you just need to research alot.

What Else Is On Offer?


You went to remove your eyelash Extensions & this or similar is how you walked out?

You're a cancer patient or survivor and need help getting your lashes back on track?

Not a problem, Lash therapy is here to help.



Admit it, more than half of you lash extension wearers still love the mascara look, knowing well that the oils damage your extensions.

WORRY NO LONGER, Lash extension safe Mascara is here & we are the one of two brands with this invention. 



Sure your lashes look fresh and amazing when you leave the salon but how can you maintain their luminosity until your next appointment? We introduce the day and night revitalizer & protector specially designed for our lashes.



I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin enterinClient with SEVERE DAMAGE from a near by well known salon. To my surprise client had sadly only been wearing eyelash extensions for a short three months, 50% of her natural lashes were lost. All lashes were carefully removed with a safe non irritating solution, NOT pulled out like her previous experiences. As you can see the BOLD patches were visible prior to removal but very evident after. New Flash lash was applies in a very light manner with medical grade glue, we kept glue to a minimal as client will be starting on LASH THERAPY & hair growth tablets to get her lashes back, we aim high. Client was very happy with the result, from tears came a beaming smile.

Click on IMAGE to view more after shots.g your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Lash Therapy After 3 Months - 70% OF LASH REGROWTH IN JUST 6-12 WEEKS