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How Did This Range Start & What Is In Our Formula ?

Whilst we keep some trade secrets, we are more than happy to tell you what goes into our Lip Range.

It all started one sunny afternoon when I was in the lab creating my organic facial range, when I noticed my lips were super dry. I quickly started putting some ingredients together to recreate my all time favourite super moisturising balm, I had been making for years and there is was, heaven on my lips. A light bold struck when I found myself wishing that someone else would simply make this and put it in a tub for me to buy, because who has the time, let alone always have 'ALL' the ingredients on hand. 'Uhhhahhh' why someone else? so here we are today. 

So What goes into these little balms of bliss? Well I'll tell you this, NOT GLYCERINE, the main ingredient & carrier to all creams and balms, NO sweetener as this causes you to lick your lips & dries them out even more. 

Instead we use Organic or pure NON processed butters like mango butter, we use oils packed with antioxidants such as coconut & avocado, pure & safe essential oils are also used in some balms. Pure Vitamins are added at final stages, a few different types of hydrating waxes like bees was and candelilla wax along with a few more. Other forms of Pure antioxidants are added and scents are only added to a very small amount of our balms, our tropic range has a few drops of scents in a few balms. we use safe and natural scents. Colour has not been a major factor in our line however any colour used is used in the smallest quantity, most balms are of natural colour unless labelled otherwise. 

In Future Studio Grand will be producing a bolder colour range. 

LIP SCRUB: Our lip scrub is one of its kind, it promotes slight lip plumping and removes dead skins cells whilst leaving your lips super hydrated. This Unique Formula Is The First Australian Made Lip Scrub Not To Have A Core Ingredient Of Sugar. Instead The Scrub Has An Inbuilt Brightening Exfoliator, Anti-inflammatory Agent For Dry & Cracked Lips. The Scrub Is Enriched With Vitamin E, Antioxidant Beads, Beeswax, Coconut Oil & Peppermint, Along With A Few Other Natural Goodies. Yes We Have Added Coconut Sugar To Our Scrub.

LIP PLUMPING BALM: Our Famous Pot of magic plumps up and evens out the pout to a noticeable yet subtle amount. It removes small creases and gives the look of a filler for several hours in which you can then reapply the formula. Using this formula daily increases the long term fullness of your lips. 

Upon application this formula does tingle/sting for approximately 2-3 minutes and your lips will flush to a gorgeous natural pink colour.  

To use after lip scrub is ideal

Great to use ad a filler substitute or in between filler appointments. 


Lip Scrub ONLY $19.99

Lip Plumping Balm ONLY $24.99

Vitamin Infused Lip & body Balms FROM $12.99

THREE STEP TOTAL PROCESS + Lipstick Application If Desired 

Lip Scrub  

Lip Plump 

Vitamin Boost Balm 

+ Lipstick application if desired 

Questions & Answers 


Q) How Do I Use The Scrub?

A) The Inbuilt Balm Will Harden During Cooler Temperatures. The Scrub Is Best Used In The Shower Where Steam is Present Or Just Work The Scrub With Your Finger For A Few Seconds To loosen Beads. Get A Small Amount On Your Finger And Scrub Lips. Whilst Scrubbing Use A Bit Of Pressure & In A Rapid Motion Scrub Your Lips For Approx 2-3 Minutes. Lightly Wipe Beads Away With Water.

Q) What Are The Benefits Of The Scrub?

A) From the First Few Seconds, The Scrub Will Start To Scrub Away Dead Skin Cells. Your Lips Will Turn A Brighter Shade Of Pink And You Will Notice A Cool Refreshing Feeling As Your Lips Begin To Slightly Plump. By The Time You Have Finished Scrubbing, Even The Most Dried & Cracked Lips Have Improved In Texture, Colour & Smoothness.

Q) What Should I Do After The Scrub?

A) You can Either Apply Our Vitamin Enriched Lip Balm To Seal & Lock In The Moisture To Your Now Super Smooth Lips Or You May Now Add The Lip Plumping Balm

Q) How Many Times A Weeks Should I Scrub My Lips?

A) 3 Times A Week Is Ideal & Especially For Those With Severely Cracked Lips, They Will Notice The Biggest Difference By The 3rd Use. Just Like Your Face, Scrubbing Every Day Is Not Recommended As This Striped The Oils Away And Can Then Start To Dry Out Your Lips Which Works Against Our Product & Your Goal.

Q) My Child Ate Some Of The Scrub, is It Toxic?

A) NO, Unless Anyone Is Allergic To Any listed Ingredients Including Peppermint Oil, The Scrub Is Non Toxic, It Is All Natural & Will Not Harm You Or Our Tiny Buddies. The Peppermint Oil Would Have To Be Consumes In Large Quantities Before It Could Be Of Any Significance To those Who Are Not Allergic.


Q) How Do I Use It?

A) Apply Desired Amount To Clean Lips, The More You use, The More Lips Will Plump. Keep Balm Within Your Natural Lip Border Line. If Your Lips Are Usually Sensitive, Try A slight Test Patch First To See How You Go With The Sting feeling.

Q) What Does The Plumping Balm Do?

A) The Plumping Balm Begins To Work As Soon As It Is Applied, The Sting Usually Lasts Approx 2-4 Minutes And Within That time You Will Notice A Natural Colour Rush To Your Lips. The Balm Has Been Seen To Plump Out Fines Lines, Even Out Uneven Lips, Define the Border Line And Overall Plump the Pout To A More Youthful Look. In Many Cases The Balm Can Have People Trying To guess If You Have Had A Lip Filler.

Q) How Long Does It Last?

A) Its Differs From Person To Person. It Can Last Anywhere From 2-3 Hours And Can Be Reapplied When Needed. Long Term Use Of The Product Can Lead To long Term Hydration & Natural Plumping Of the Lips. This Product Can Be Applied At Bedtime In Order To Wake Up With Plumper Lips.

Q) Can I Use It Over Lipstick?

A) Yes You Can. Although You Will Really Love The Colour It Will Bring To Your Lips You May Do the Following Steps For Lipstick Application.

* Apply Plumping Balm For 10 Minutes-Then remove

*Apply Lipstick – Lip Liner

*Reapply A Smaller Amount Of The Plumping Balm Over Your Lipstick. Your May Reapply Throughout The Day. You May Also Choose To only Dab Plumper In The Centre Of Your Lips Or Create Your Own Look.

Q) Is This Product Safe To Ingest?

A) This Formula Is Made With All Lip Safe Ingredients However It Is Not Made For Consumption In Large Amounts.

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